Taking the i3 home, BMW Leipzig factory tour

Guest post: Keith H.

During a Roadtrip across Europe, Keith and his family take their BMW i3 REX home….

STAGE 3: Maastricht – Düsseldorf – Kassel – Erfurt – Leipzig

Today’s last leg is to Leipzig, just about reachable with the REX and Battery, although we seem to be going up inclines far more often than down…. but marvel at the immense Wind Farms along the route. We reach the Hotel at dusk which is about 9.30pm

The following day we leave early afternoon for the Factory, taking my car back to where it was created.

Despite several attempts by email over the last 6 months they won’t give up on not allowing my sons to go on the i3 Tour (over 14s only) as it is over 1km more than the normal Tour, despite the fact that Matt is the same height as me and Bob does a couple of Triathlons a year they can’t do it, so go figure.

We end up doing the normal tour, which is still highly impressive but results in my sons begging me to trade the i3 for a red M2 Convertible, Jeez as if right ?!

It is a seriously impressive facility, 4 huge Wind Turbines confront you as you approach, testament to the factories complete renewable energy policy, and the Habid designed structure is something akin to the better SciFi films that I’ve watched over the years, so it’s easy to accept that over 1,500 robots are beavering away amongst the 4,700 workers.

I tip my hat, it’s really remarkable, outstanding even, well worth all the effort to make it here…and as news starts to filter through while munching my Schnitzel at a splendid restaurant in the centre of Leipzig, of events unfolding further south where we will be in 5 days time.


I head to bed still marvelling at the positive, constructive and truly impressive capabilities of mankind, because quite frankly, at the end of it all, it’s the only thing you can do…