VIDEO: Steve, Born Electric in March 2015

Steve from Seattle has been of our BMW i3 drivers since March 2015. So he was born electric in March 2015. Get to know him better in this film. As one of the “Born Electrics” he tells us how the BMW i3 fits in his life:

“My family has a long tradition of going on road trips, and in our BMW i3 we can make those multi-day drives to far-reaching destinations with ease. The i3 is therefore a true lifestyle vehicle for us, a tool that amplifies the experiences in our life. It does not just take us to places, rather to adventures. Road trips are not just about the destination – they are about the memories to be had getting there.

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The Founder of driveEV. A driving and new technology fan enjoying learning all about the future of motoring. I drive a BMW i3.