Volkswagen’s e-Golf to get battery boast to 35kwh

The VW e-Golf is to get a near 50% increase in battery and a facelift in late Autumn 2016.  The existing lithium-ion battery is to grow to 35.8 kWh of capacity, compared to the 24.2 kWh unit, an increase of 11.6 kilowatt hours.

Speaking at a journalist workshop on Saturday at the Formula E race in Berlin, Dr. Volkmar Tanneberger, Head of Electrics / Electronics Development at Volkswagen, let this revelation slip.

e-Golf takes the fight to its compact rivals

Recently BMW announced the i3 was receivng a new battery from this summer increasing capacity to 33.2 kWh, a figure close to that already available in the Nissan Leaf. 

Unlike those competitors, Volkswagen will no longer offer the “old” battery with the lower capacity. 

“We go to the new generation,” Volkmar Tanneberger said, meaning the prismatic lithium-ion cells with 37 Ah now instead of the previous 25 Ah. With BMW and Nissan, the “smaller” batteries are still available. 

The current e-Golf has an EPA range figure of 83miles.  The EPA rating is usually found to be close to that of real world driving.  With that in mind, a range of 122miles is expected for the new model.

It was said Mr Tanneberger would not be drawn on pricing.  We hope pricing will be competitive as Volkswagen looks to find a new direction following the recent diesel emissions scandal.

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