Head of R&D at Riversimple says – “thinking about using the water that we displace in the windscreen washer bottle!”

Andre Bird Head of R&D is part of team of just 14 hand-picked individuals from a variety of disciplines.  Andrew himself has spent 17 years in Formula 1 with colleagues picked from Bentley, Aston Martin and from the aerospace industry all with common passion, a sustainable future.Andre_bw-941x519
The RASA is currently wowing the crowds at the London Motorshow at Battersea park. Andre was on hand to give a little more information about the prototype car and how sustainability is evidently at its core.


Andre was asked;

What is the Riversimple RASA?

The Rasa is made in Mid-Wales, its all carbon fibre.  It has a Hydrogen Fuel Cell and a fuel storage tank of gaseous hydrogen at 350bar.  That will give us a range of 300miles.

The weight of the car is 580kilos, to make a comparision, the Tesla battery pack is 440kilos, just for the battery alone.

Everything is recyclable.  At the end of it’s life, in 15 to 20 years we can send it all back and recycle and start again with it.

The whole dashboard, the instrument cluster is all 3d printed, as in the binnacle and even the buttons are all 3d printed in the UK – as were the door cards.

Being a Hydrogen Fuel Cell vehicle the only emissions are a couple of drops of water.

Andre commented;

The car only omits a small amount of water, it is very benigh.

We have actually been thinking about using that water that we displace in the windscreen washer bottle!

What of the future?

Andre proudly showed images of a future four-door version of the RASA answering the practically problems with the current two-seater.  This may also be joined by a van with a very unique, eye-catching design.

Proposed 4-door Riversimple RASA
Proposed 4-door RASA
Proposed 4-door Riversimple RASA maintaining butterfly doors
Proposed 4-door RASA maintaining butterfly doors

Andre stated about the van;

I would like to see that painted red with Post office on the side, delivering all their mail around various cities and towns.


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