Tesla expands destination charging network to Europe!

Charging a Tesla is now even easier in Europe.With Tesla‘s newly-launched Destination Charging programme, charging Model S or Model X on-the-go is as simple as charging at home or Supercharging on a long-distance trip.


Just pull up at a partner properties and plug into a Tesla wall connector to charge Model S while you shop, dine, or even during an overnight stay.

The network of Destination Charging partners include hotels, restaurants, retail locations and resorts – allowing you to charge up whilst skiing through the Swiss alps, shopping in central London or enjoying a romantic getaway on Lake Maggiore in Italy.

With over 150 sites spanning 14 countries, you don’t have to travel far to find a partner location. All locations are visible in the Tesla navigation system.

If you’d like to see Destination Charging installed at your favourite hotels, restaurants and attractions, encourage them to enquire about joining the programme here. Tesla may be able to provide free or discounted Tesla Wall Connectors for our mutual customers’ use. Designed to incentivise leaders in the hospitality industry, Tesla will offer this program to early adopters who wish to attract forward thinking and passionate customers.

If you are not lucky enough to drive a Tesla, more and more sites are providing destination charging, perhaps give your favourite place a nudge of encouragement to see if they can help the electric revolution grow and make their business a destination.

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