Elon says REAL Model 3 interior “feels like a spaceship”

Since the unveiling of the much anticipated Tesla Model 3 things have been quite busy for Elon Musk, Tesla CEO.  Demand for the car has been exceptional with lines of Tesla fans queueing to reserve a production slot.  Musk claims reservations totaling nearly 300,000 units which has required some rethinking of production plans.

The car itself appears to still be something of a work in progress.  Yesterday Elon took to Twitter to request feedback on the Model 3 stating, “In general product comments, suggestions and criticism are always welcome”, something your average CEO wouldn’t do.

Doing so has resulted in some of blanks being filled.

Missing instrument cluster

When questioned about the total absence of instruments, Elon responded as follows:

“will make sense after part 2 of the Model 3 unveil” and the steering wheel being described as “not the real steering system”, Elon continued stating “Wait until you see the real steering controls and system for the 3. It feels like a spaceship.” Adding “Vegan interior will be an option” as it currently is in the Model S and X.

Large touch screen mounted horizontally unlike the Model S and X portrait item

What secrets are Tesla holding back, will we to expect a head up display, gestures controls, voice activated autonomy? Your guesses are as good as mine, it’s certainly intriguing.


The design of the exterior received mixed reviews, Elon’s response was declare the front design was to be “tweaked” and the “Matte black will probably make it to production due to popularity”.

The teardrop design of the car is an expertly executed exercise in aerodynamics, with a claimed drag co-coefficient of just 0.21 (a Model S is 0.24), with the sole aim of gaining extra range.  With this fastback design you would be forgiven to assume it would be a hatchback, yet it is actually a saloon with a small truck opening at the rear leaving some to question the practically it’s of the car.

Is the boot opening a design fail.

Musk rebuffed these suggestions it should be a hatchback stating the Model 3 “Won’t be a hatchback, but we should be able to increase the opening width and height” referring to the boot lid.  Further adding to practicality was the confirmation of rear-folding seats making the the new arrival “perfect for camping and road trips” and stated “A bike will still fit”.

Customer happiness

There was one other stand out comment from the billionaire:

“We always try to maximise customer happiness even if that means a revenue shortfall in a quarter.”

Again, not something you hear from your average CEO.

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