Faraday Future – Smarter than the average.

California based Faraday Future recently showed us their ‘car of concepts’, the FFZERO1 at the CES show in Las Vegas. Little is still known about the secretive organisation leaving on lookers wanting more.

Similar to Tesla, Faraday Future (FF) are a tech business who just happens to be making cars.  Whether you will be buy them or subscribe to a co-ownership service has yet to be revealed, one clear message is they don’t see themselves as a competitor to Elon Musk’s brain child, but a business to meet other customer demands that don’t necessarily require you to be sat behind wheel or own the car you have tapped an app to summon to your door.

In a recent interview with Ezekiel Wheeler, Product and tech communication specialist at FF, Wheeler described the business:

“We are a company without a DNA, with no history and no heritage so what do you do with that, it’s a blank canvas”

FF announced their title sponsorship of the Formula E race weekend at Long Beach, an event for motor racing fans, EV enthusiasts and one that just happens to be in their back-yard. Displayed on-site was the FFZERO1 concept. Fans were given a rare opportunity to get up close to the car, which is now all white in colour.

Ezekiel Wheeler

Wheeler was on-hand to answer a few questions about the car and the future of the brand in an attempt to fill in some of the blanks.

On the FFZERO1

“It really is a experimentation or a study of what our design and engineering capabilities are.  We have taken our VPA (Variable Platform Architecture) and we have taken it to the next, we have four hub motors, we have 1000hp and zero to 60 in under 3 seconds!  All our preliminary data is showing that EV is the way to go!”

Asked if the car would ever make production.

“Never rule it…. We are using it as an internal case study for aerodynamic, motor and  design studies expecially, interior and exterior….. In our production vehicles you we see elements from this vehicle”

The future….

“We are making the car little more smarter than the average car that’s out there.  You have thermostat at home and other things in your life that are really smart and understand your behaviour and know who your are as an individual, why can’t the car do that?”

“Why can’t the car understand where you like to go, how you like to do it and what you want to watch whilst you are in the car – the future of autonomous is coming and we want to be ready for that”

When should we expect to see something on the road….

“I promise you, it is coming sooner than you expect.”

The back drop to the concept display gives a hint at the future.


Watch the full interview below.

Photo credit: Autoblog.com

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