Plugging in for another adventure

Founding member of the mad-cap Plug-in Adventures team, Chris Ramsey, works within the oil and gas industry in Aberdeen, Scotland. Working within this industry inspired Chris to investigate alternative energies and transport.img_1947-1Being a self proclaimed EV Adventurer has taken Chris on some epic journeys as he continues to spread his message. In a recent interview Chris stated his aims.

To demonstrate to the public, and people on the verge of purchasing an EV or even PHEV, that the UK charging infrastructure has expanded enough and is reliable enough for long distance EV journeys to start becoming the norm.

Also that mass production, short-range EVs like the Leaf, Zoe and i3 are more than capable of completing long distance journeys. For too long now, peoples’ arguments have always been “there’s not enough charge points and they never work,” or “the battery doesn’t last long, so you can’t leave the city”.

Past adventures have taken Chris around the UK in a trusty Nissan LEAF. Teaming up in 2013 with Jonathan Porterfield from EcoCars, the pair drove all three UK mainland capitals in four days.

Two years later the ante was upped and the pair completed an epic 1762.4 miles journey in just over 48 hours, travelling the iconic route from John O’Groats to Lands End and BACK in a Nissan LEAF kindly provided by Nissan themselves, such was their confidence that the task could be achieved.

A new adventure

Now spring is upon up, Chris is will soon be heading out again to complete the North Coast 500 and of course it will be in a Nissan LEAF, this time with the new 30kwh battery promising greater range and longer adventures.

The North Coast 500 is a 516-mile (830 km) scenic route around the north coast of Scotland, starting and ending at Inverness Castle. The North Coast 500 (also known as NC500) was created by the North Highland Initiative and was designed to bring together the best of the north Highlands of Scotland in one iconic touring route.

The NC500 route

Whilst the route is well covered for chargers and the car is more than capable, the aim of this journey is to highlight the great strides Scotland has taken in sustainability and alternative energies, a subject close to Chris’ heart.

Chris is teaming up with Hankin Films to produce a number of short films showing the best of their journey and the exciting discoveries they make along the way.  We will share these and other updates on their progress via our Twitter feed.

In the meantime, read more about the North Coast 500 route here.

And…..the BIG one

Plug In Adventures is set to take on its biggest ever challenge in 2018, when they aim to compete in the 80 Day Race.

This will see the team race around the world in 80 days competing against some of the most experienced adventurers and racing teams in vehicles which cannot be powered or charged by a combustion engine.  Expect EVs, hydrogen fuel cell and solar powered vehicles circumnavigate the globe without a fossil fuel in sight.

A donor vehicle is soon to be sourced then modified, with increased battery capacity and performance to make this drive achievable.

The team will be launching a website and crowdfunding campaign very soon, and reveal that one of the backers of this crowdfunding campaign will be selected (at random) as a winner of a Co-Driver Competition, which will see them join the team as the co-driver for one of the 80DR legs.

We hope to get involved to help them achieve this aim, or even join them on the journey!

Follow the adventure here:

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