Citroen’s E-Mehari electrifies the Champs-Élysées

Nestled between the chic boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants on the  Champs-Élysées in Paris you will find Citroen‘s flagship showroom, Citroen C42.
Described by Citroen as:

A stunning and unique glass building, designed to embody our spirit of creative technology. More than ten million people have already visited this fascinating and educational space since we opened it in 2007.

The ever-changing exhibitions reveal our rich history and our latest news and innovations. We organise the exhibitions into themes called seasons, always reflecting our spirit of innovation.

Laid out over multiple floors, visitors view the exhibits using a spiralling walk way with the cars displayed in a central column. With exhibits regularly changing, showing new and old models from the Citroen and DS line-up, you have to grab opportunities when they arise.

On a Easter weekend trip to Paris, snaps of the gallery were grabbed when the iconic Mehari was being showcased. The original model, based on the 2CV was a back to basic utility vehicle from the late 1960’s with a similar look to a Mini Moke.

The modern reincarnation, the E-Mehari, is a cute, fun loving all-electric beach buggy which is expected to go on sale in Spring this year priced at 25,000Euros.

The car carries a Citroen Cactus face and will be built in collaboration with French Bollore Group.  The car is expected to be powered by 30kwh Lithium Polymer batteries, which when combined with it’s light-weight plastic body, a very healthy range is anticipated.

Bring on the fun!

Citroen France – official video of the C42 Showroom

Photo credit: Chris Allen



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