Beating Toyota at it’s game – the Hyundai IONIQ

One major draw at the opening day of New York Auto Show was Toyota‘s reveal of the new plug-in Prius, now to be known as The Prius Prime.
The plug-in hybrid is promising greater electric range over the outgoing model’s measly 13miles, coupled with a bias towards the electric motor over the fossil fuel guzzler.  

The Prime variant comes with its own stand alone look, specifically a new face and rear light signature.  The front has something of Mirai FCV in appearance and nicely distinguishes the car from the standard Prius.

The IONIQ hybrid, all-electric and plug-in models
The IONIQ hybrid, all-electric and plug-in models

Whilst the glitzy Prius Prime launch event took place, Hyundai were preparing to show off their entry into the EV market – the IONIQ.  Although previously launched at the Geneva Motorshow, the U.S. is a signaficant market for the Korean car maker so a second launch event at NYC seemed fitting.

Proud moment

The IONIQ is a three model range, using the same body with differing drive-trains.  A hybrid, plug-in hybrid and all-electric model.  Significant weight saving have been achieved with the use of aluminium for certain panels and wait for it…… volcanic rock for interior components, thus lowering their weight by 20% over conventional plastics and is completely recyclable too.


Interviewed just minutes before the IONIQ press event, Mike O’Brien of Hyundai Motors America commented:

This is probably one of the most proud moments for our company.  Just a few moments ago the Toyota folks just introduced their new Prius Plug-in Hybrid.

We will announce today, we will get a more than 25 all-electric range for our plug-in hybrid – the Prius has just announced it will only be 22….. Remember they have been at this for four generations since 1997.  

We will have a better fuel economy for our hybrid model, better all-electric range for our plug-in model.  We are going to have 110 miles for our electric model that we are launching this morning.

All in all, incredibly tremendous figures.


We await the IONIQ EV’s arrival to UK shores and hope to bring you a detailed review soon. 

Watch the full interview below

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