Renault-Nissan Alliance targets 100,000 electric cars a year

The head of the RenaultNissan Alliance, Carlos Ghosn held his usual media Q&A at the recent Geneva Motorshow, giving insight into some of the brands major activities.


On the agenda was the growth of the cross-over market, something both Renault and Nissan are keen to get a slice of the pie with their Kajar and Qashqia offerings.  Whilst this is all very interesting, the highlight for me was Mr Ghosn targets for EV growth.

Carlos commented:

First we said very clearly that what we want to reach is what I call a milestone which is important for us – 100,000 electric cars a year, that is what we are aiming for as an alliance.

Between the LEAF of Nissan, Zoe of Renault, NV-200 and the Kangoo Electric, plus all the cars we are preparing – that is what we are aiming at, we are not there yet, per year – we are not very far, but we are not there.

I think it is feasible, particularly with the development of the battery, the autonomy is going up, which means more and more people are deciding to move to electric cars.  

Nissan IDS Concept

Carlos sighted Japan as a forerunner in the development of the charging infrastructures, along with some cities in France and the U.S, but believes there was still along way to go.

At the Detroit show earlier this year Mr Ghosn stated:

You will not elimate range anxiety by having better batteries….. It will only be elimated when you have a charging infrastructure which is widespread and visible.

We couldn’t agree more and look forward to see the arrival of these new models, the IDS Concept has certainly grabbed our attention.

Watch the highlights of the Q&A session where Carlos also discusses Formula 1 and autonomous driving.

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