McLaren explores all-electric drivetrains


Plans for an all-electric McLaren sports and super cars appears to be underway with the business investing £1bn in research and development.  Could this see the launch of an all-electric P1 replacement?

COO of McLaren Automotive, Mike Flewitt, spoke at the Geneva Motorshow about the business’ plans entitled ‘Track22’.  The plans will also see the development of 15 all-new cars and the launch of an ‘LT’ sub-brand.

Flewitt commented:

Our next hybrid vehicle will launch towards the latter part of our six year plan, and we will see at least 50 percent featuring hybrid technology by 2022. Hybridisation has obvious CO2 and fuel consumption advantages but for us, it is all about delivering the performance and enjoyment of a McLaren. But we won’t stop there. Our engineers have even started work on a one-off prototype to evaluate the possible benefits of a fully-electric powertrain in an Ultimate Series car; such is the pace of development.”

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