Ecotricity Boss confirms electric car charging fees due in “a few months time”

Dale Vince - Ecotricity 

In the early 1990s Dale Vince OBE was a New Age traveller living on a hill in Stroud. Now he is boss of the UK’s best known green energy firm, Ecotricity, which is worth £100m, and runs the world’s only all-vegan football club.

When not running a football club, Forest Green Rovers, he heads up the business who kindly brought us the Electric Highway, a national network of rapid electric car charge points sited at motorway service stations.

In a recent interview with Sustainababble Dale was quizzed about his business interests and the subject got onto his electricity pumps……

Dale was asked, What is the Electric Highway and the future for electric cars?

We began with this idea in 2011…. Back then I wanted a greener car, you couldn’t buy an electric car in the world and we decided to make one and the result was the Nemesis.

Using that car lead us to realise that infrastructure was a big deal for anyone who wanted to use an electric car, where are they were going to charge up?

We installed basically 3-pin plugs on motorway service stations back in 2011, that was all the technology there was……. Within 3 years we were building big chargers that could charge a Nissan LEAF in 20 minutes, it was a very rapid evolution of technology.

We are powering about 2million miles of clean driving every month at the moment.

And on the the future…… Dale commented.

I think there is a revolution coming which is why we built the electric cars chargers, it’s been free to use…… But we will start charging for charging in a couple of months time and then we will start to use those revenues to grow it further and faster to keep up with the pace of demand.

It’s been a very exciting thing to do and I think we have had a hand in this electric car revolution that is just getting underway.

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BMW i3 boot

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