VW boss Herbert Diess reveals “New Volkswagen”. A project devoted to Electric cars


At this years annual Geneva Motorshow all eyes were on the usual handful of show stoppers.  Namely the Bugatti Chiron and the Lamborghini Centenario.

These two models have one thing in common, their parentage.  Both brands are part of the Volkswagen Group of Germany.  It is fair to say Volkswagen has had something of tricky time lately.  The emissions scandal they faced is well documented and is currently still under investigation in the U.S.  In Europe, the business has seen members of the board exit with new faces arriving to take the helm.  One new face is Herbert Diess who holds the position of Volkswagen Brand CEO.

In an interview for the autogefuehl.de, Mr Diess revealed a fresh project named “New Volkswagen”, spearheading the electrification of the brand.

When asked about the business’ concrete plans for electrification, Mr Diess commented:

“We truly believe the industry will change and we will see a major change in the next 10 to 15 years where cars will become quite different.  Although, it has been a very evolutionary process of the past decades, I think cars will change quite rapidly now driven by sustainability and electrification of the drivetrains….. and with the car becoming a very important part of the internet.”

Herbert went on to reveal Volkswagen’s response to this change:

“We have setup a special team which we call “New Volkswagen” whos task is to basically reinvent Volkswagen for that kind of future.  They are only dealing with electric cars and fully connected cars with self-driving capabilities.”

“We are only just starting this, we have a quite powerful team working on those cars and we showed some studies already, the Budd-E in Las Vegas…. which shows the direction we are going.”

“We think it will be necessary to work out a specific architecture to make full use of the electric drivetrains, which we are also working on and then in the next shows we will show different body styles which we can imagine on those different kinds of platforms.”

It seems VW are following the Faraday Future modular platform approach with a variety of models being available with the same electric vehicle chassis.  With this, the future for Volkswagen now seems to be much brighter.

Watch the full interview below.

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