The Riversimple RASA – “A journey towards mobility at zero cost to the environment”

Riversimple’s lofty purpose:

“To pursue, systematically, the elimination of the environmental impact of personal transport”.

“We don’t believe that there needs to be any trade off between a successful, profitable, resilient business and delivering our aim of eliminating environmental impact.”

The Riversimple RASA is the culmination of 15 years of development – a head turning, fully functional prototype hydrogen fuel cell car.  The talented team come from varying backgrounds – motor racing, yacht design, engineering, aerospace, automotive design working with a design studio in Barcelona and their own R&D centre in Llandrindod Wells, Powys in rural Wales.


The car

Riversimple State: “Every aspect of the Rasa has been created and interrogated for simplicity, efficiency, lightness, strength, affordability, safety and sustainability.”

“I always like it when technology is pushed to its limit” – Designer Chris Reitz

Constructed with very lightweight but extremely stiff carbon fibre composites, the RASA is ultra low weight at just 580kg.  Powered by 8.5kw hydrogen fuel cell feeding motion through four electric motors, one in each wheel.

This approach means the prototype is expected to return c.250 mpg (equivalent), with a range of 300 miles.

Riversimple’s aim is to have the Rasa available to customers on a subscription, all-inclusive sale of service model. This is reliant a planned 20 car Beta test in the UK later this year, this itself is reliant on securing funding.

Riversimple’s proposed business model

The business has sucessfully €2m EU funding for this, but will open crowdfunding options shortly to match this in order to get the trial confirmed and to start building the cars.

We are excited to see what the future holds for this British innovation.

The Founder of driveEV. A driving and new technology fan enjoying learning all about the future of motoring. I drive a BMW i3.