All-electric trike – the Arcimoto SRK

Meet the weird love child of a Renault Twizy and BMW C1 – the U.S built SRK.


Based out of Oregon, the Arcimoto SRK has been on the cards for a number of years and is now available to pre-order, sadly in the U.S. only.  Now on its 8th prototype, the city car is offered at an estimated $11,500 (£7720).  For this, you get 3 wheels, two electric motors, handle bar steering with hand-operated regenerative braking and plenty of fresh air.

At a glance it looks like it would require a couple of tweaks to be road-legal in the UK, but when completed it would be a real head turner on the city streets.

The tandem two-seat electric car will be offered with two battery options providing either 70 or 130miles of range, with a possible top speed of 85mph, I am not too sure I would want to push it that far though!  The acceleration figures sound more appealing with 60mph arriving in just 7.5 seconds.

Acrimoto SRK weather protection
Weather protection attaches in minutes creating a unique Eagle wing door

The makers describe the reverse-trike as your “daily electric vehicle” perfect for commuting with 12kwh or 20kwh of battery energy positioned beneath the two passengers.  Safety has been considered, with a roll cage, harnesses and impact zones front and rear making it certainly safer than a motorcycle, which it essentially is.  The trike is also available as a single-seater with a fully enclosed rear making a very useful zero-emissions delivery vehicle.

This tiny delivery vehicle makes a lot of sense in dense cities


Can you see yourself cruising British roads in one of these or is it just too wacky for European tastes?

Check out what AutoBlog thought of the SRK in the video below.

The Arcimoto SRK story so far….

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