Faraday Future sets up shop in a Tesla’s back-yard. What happens in Vegas……


Little is known about the mysterious California based automotive firm Faraday Future.

What is now known is their intention to setup a manufacturing facility right in Tesla‘s back-yard!

Bringing $1 billion of investment to a technology park just outside Las Vegas, Nevada and providing 4500 jobs onsite and is also estimated to create 9,000 indirect jobs and 3,000 construction jobs.  Click here for an Infographic showing their plans.

How Faraday Future (FF) describe themselves…

We believe that today’s cars do not meet today’s needs. FF plans to redefine the automotive experience by delivering seamlessly connected electric vehicles & future mobility solutions that will fit the needs of tomorrow’s population.

Speaking at a press conference today, announcing FF’s new site, Dag Reckhorn, Vice President of Global Manufacturing at FF and Former Director of Manufacturing at Tesla said….

“We have not only an incredible team of talent, but also a brand new way of thinking. It is outside the typical automotive box… Our goal is very simple. To build a car that meets the rapidly changing lifestyle of tomorrow’s consumer…. a car that doesn’t close us off from the rest of the world, but instead is an extension of our experiences”

Faraday Future have revealed little in this teaser shot

Faraday Future are yet to display an actual car, only teasing with the occasional glimpse of what they refer to as the future of mobility.  The waiting will finally be over at the CES event in January 2016.

In the meantime, here’s a short video of The Verge visiting FF’s offices to discover more about the well funded mysterious outfit.

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