Happy 5th Birthday to the Nissan LEAF

Nissan LEAF birthday cake
Nissan celebrates 5 years of success

The proud parents of any child would ensure nothing would be missed when celebrating their child’s big day. The presents wrapped, party invites handed out and of course the cake has been ordered.  With the LEAF reaching 5 years old it only seems fitting for it’s proud parents to have baked a cake too.

December 2010 marked the happy arrival of the Japanese made Nissan LEAF to a small group of early adopters in Japan and the U.S.

Little did these owners realise they were at the start of a rEVolution.

The now ubiquitous Nissan LEAF has sold over 200,000 units and is available in 46 countries with the United States finding homes for nearly half.

Initially manufactured in Japan only, production expanded to meet demand with sites in China, the U.S. and Sunderland, England with production for the European market securing over 2,000 jobs.

On the outside little has changed over the last 5 years, yet the car has matured to be the leader we see today and the car Nissan is rightly very proud of.

With Nissan’s expertise improvements to battery and powertrain technology, reductions in heater energy usage, aerodynamic tweaks and weight saving have brought an increase in range of 15miles (14%) from the initial model, yet pricing fell making the EV more and more accessible.

With the arrival of the larger battery model, taking power from 24kwh to 30kwh, yet the battery pack having the same physical size, range is suggested to have increased by an additional 30miles (25%) offering buyers even longer EV adventures.

Happy Birthday LEAF !

Nissan LEAF exterior
Small changes have been made externally.

2010 Nissan LEAF interior
The 2010 interior hasn’t changed much either, now it’s less beige.

The 1st Nissan LEAF owner takes delivery.

Photo credit – Nissan Europe.

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