VIDEO: Audi Q6 Quattro e-tron concept tour

November 24th, 2015 by Stephen Brown

The dramatic design of the recently unveiled Quattro e-tron is unmistakably Audi.  With it’s coupe style sloping roof line and strong shoulders harking back to the Quattros of Audi‘s rally era.  The body design includes integrated aerodynamic flaps which will be controlled by the car’s Predictive Efficiency Assistant, yep more buzz words to remember.

The SUV has its sights firmly set on the Tesla Model X.  According to Siegfried Pint, Head of Electric Powertrain at the German manufacturer, what you see in the video below is 70-80% of what we should expect when the car hits the road in 2018.  Pint goes on to clarify the powertrain is still under development and Audi believe the charging infrastructure requires a boost to take output to 150kw, bringing into line with a Tesla Supercharger, something Audi says it is working on.

Range is pegged at 310miles (500km).  With the anticipated  increase in charging output Siegfried confidently stated a 30 minute rapid charge would take you another 248miles (400km) along the Autobahn.


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