EV adventurers battle the storms

“We made it! The joyous pair return to the Southern tip of Ireland

IMG_4523-0Two adventurers decided to set themselves quite a challenge, to travel from Mizen Head to Malin Head, Ireland and back in less than 24 hours in an all-electric car Renault Zoe.

In total the two friends,  Jan-Bart Spang and Guillaume Seguin, committee members of the Irish EV Owners Association travelled a total of 1382km during their journey where the weather did it worst, with areas of flooding requiring a detour to arrive safely in 28 hours and 27 minutes.

The main aim was to prove an electric car is not restrictive and suitable for most drivers, with the charging network in Ireland up to the job.

Jan-Bart was interviewed en-route by a reasonably sceptical presenter from Ireland’s TodayFM and held his own advocating the use of EVs.  He described a journey to visit his parents in Holland.  That journey covered 3500km through 6 countries, charging all the way!

When questioned about the green credentials of the electric car, with some saying “you have to burn fossil fuels to run an an electric car so it isn’t that green?”.

Jan-Bart rebuffed the suggestion commenting “the amount of the electricity used to produce petrol (refine) is ridiculously high and when you then take into consideration that it has to be transported…..an electric car is 30% less polluting that any other car on the road.”

chattingWhen not driving, the intrepid pair used pauses at charge points to talk to those curious of EV ownership.  Prior to the event a list of locations were published encouraging people to meet up at “Chat and Charge” impromptus.

So what’s next for this pair of adventurers? I am sure they have something in mind.  Well done guys !!

Listen to Jan-Bart’s interview on TodayFM (skip to 16mins) 

A video diary of their adventure.

Photo credit : @JanBartSpang

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