Tesla Model S – a future classic?

Proud owners of classic cars spend many hours locked away in their garages applying liberal layers of polish to their pride and joy.  After much finessing they may even allow themselves the odd journey out to a local car show to display the fruits of their labour.


In Great Britain most summer weekends will see a classic car show on the calendar.  As we approach winter time the city of Birmingham hosts a final celebration of all things relating to classic motoring. The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motorshow draws tens of thousands of visitors annually and is taking place this weekend.

Whilst browsing an exibitors photos of the frantic setting up of the event, I couldn’t help but spot a rather more modern vehicle being setup for display.

California based, Tesla Motors have a small stand showcasing their Model S, with the car plugged into a Supercharger stall. This got me thinking. Could we be looking at a future classic?  In twenty or thirty years time will we be applying that extra layer of polish to our beloved ‘classic’ Model S, just before we take ‘her’ to the local show ‘n’ shine……

Care to suggest any other EVs that have future classic potential?  Add your comments below.

The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motorshow takes place at the NEC Birmingham, 13th – 15th November.

Photo credit : Gojo Flocking

The Tesla stand and MGB GT ready for visitors

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