EV acronyms, jargon and BUZZ words

As with all technology, electric vehicles come with a plethora of acronyms, jargon and BUZZ words.

Below is a list of the main ones which should demystify things.

If you think we have missed any, please drop us a line, we are only human.

Alternating Current Type of electricity where the flow of electric charge periodically reverses direction

Battery life
How long does an EV battery last?

Battery Electric Vehicle 100% Battery Powered Vehicle

CAN bus
Controller Area Network bus A way for the different microprocessor-controlled components in a car to communicate with each other

Combined Charging System A charging system used by mainly European EVs, supported by Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, General Motors, Porsche and Volkswagen

CHArge de MOve A DC charging system used for rapid charging an EV

Type of socket typically blue or yellow and typically 16A or 32A. Often used in commercial electric applications and on caravan sites

Charge Your Car One of the UK charging network operators

Manufacturer of EV chargers and charging solutions

Direct Current Type of electricity where the flow of electric charge travels in one direction only

A green energy company based in Stroud that operates the Ecotricity Electric Highway network of charging stations

Electric Highway
A Motorway and A-road network of rapid chargers in the UK, energy supplied by Ecotricity

Extended Range Electric Vehicle Also ER-EV

Electric Vehicle. Any vehicle partially or wholly powered by electricity

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Equipment used to charge an EV often a special cable or charging post

Electric Vehicle Drivers Association National association representing EV drivers in the UK

Grid-enabled Electric Vehicle Also know as PEV

Guess-O-Meter Display on car dash estimating the range remaining

High Capacity Charger Type of charger used by Telsa for rapid charging

An form of driving so that you obtain the greatest range of an EV or the best mpg from an ICE. Techniques will differ depending on the type of car, the model and even the traffic density

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle A type of EV able to generate its electrical power using hydrogen as a fuel

Internal Combustion Engine Petrol and Diesel engines. It also is a term used for cars with petrol and diesel engines: e.g. ICEs

A term to indicate that a EV charging bay is occupied by a non-EV, creating the phrase
“I couldn’t charge because the bay was ICEd”

A charging standard of plugs and sockets used by many EVs such as Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i-Miev etc. Also called Type 1

Kilowatt Hour Unit of electrical capacity

Kilowatt Unit of electric power

Leaf Spy
A phone app that uses the OBD port on a Nissan Leaf to display data from the CAN bus

Lithium Ion The type of battery used in most Evs of today

A charging standard of plugs and sockets used by many EVs such as Renault Zoe. Also known as Type 2

Mode 1
Slow charging from a regular electrical socket (1- or 3-phase)

Mode 2
Slow charging from a regular socket but which equipped with some EV specific protection arrangement (e.g., the Park & Charge or the PARVE systems)

Mode 3
Slow or fast charging using a specific EV multi-pin socket with control and protection functions (e.g., SAE J1772 and IEC 62196)

Mode 4
Fast charging using some special charger technology such as CHAdeMO.

On Board Diagnostics A system that gives the vehicle owner or repair technician access to the status of the various vehicle sub-systems often through a port under the dash

Open Charge Map A worldwide database of charging stations

Office of Low Emission Vehicles. A team working across government to support the early market for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEV).  Marketing through the Go-Ultra-Low campaign

Open vehicle Management System An open-source collection of hardware and software that connects to the car computer systems and other internet connected systems

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Any EV that can be charged from the grid

Plug-in-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle Also PH-EV or PHV

Plugged-in-Places Organisations set by OLEV to install charging infrastructure in the early days of EV roll-out

In the UK the goverment offers a grant towards the cost of each new electric (plug-in) car or van you buy, if it meets certain conditions

Pod Point
Manufacturer of charging equipment and operator of UK national charging network

Range Anxiety
The anxious feeling that results from feeling that you might not have enough range to reach your destination

RC Rapid Charger or Rapid Charge
Type of charger able to charge an EV battery very quickly particularly useful when on long trips.  Usually 30minutes

Regenerative Braking. The system in the car that allows energy recovery (charging the battery) during braking

Range Extender. An ICE engine on a PEV used to generate electricity fueled by petrol or diesel as a way to extend range beyond battery only range. Often seen as Rex

Radio-frequency identification A contactless way to identify cardholder by way of electronic tags inside objects such as credit cards, network membership cards etc

Smart Grid
A way for the nation grid to communicate with individual homes to optimise electrical generation and distribution

State of Charge.  The remaining battery capacity shown as a percentage

Rapid charger specifically for Tesla models providing up to 135kw of power

Type 1
A type of EV charging plug/socket as found in Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi i-Miev etc

Type 2
A type of EV charging plug/socket as found in most EVs from European manufacturers. This socket is also often found on public fast charging points. This is often called “Mennekes”

Type 3
A type of single and three phase vehicle coupler equipped with safety shutters – reflecting the EV Plug Alliance proposal

Type 4
A type of charge coupler – for special systems such as CHAdeMO

Unit of electrical potential

ZCW Zero Carbon World
A charity dedicated to green issues that operates the ZeroNet charging network

Network of charging stations operated by the charity Zero Carbon World

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