BMW i3 bares all

As electric cars go, few are as distinctive as the BMW i3.  With it’s tall stance and mix of weird angles and lots of glass, it is quite the head turner.

Another unique aspect of the compact EV is it’s weight, electrification of a car usually adds some bulk to the waist line.  When the German manufacturer decided to the join the EV party (a silent disco if you will), it did so utilising less traditional production methods.

The i3 has a aluminium chassis with a super strong carbon fibre reinforced plastic passenger cell mounted on-top.  Glimpses of the cell can be seen when opening the doors or tailgate, utilising this technology means the total weight of the car is just 1195kg!

At the recent SEMA 2015 show in Las Vegas, visitors were treated to a semi-naked BMW i3 with some of its thermo-plastic body panels stripped away.

We don’t know about you, but we find these photos rather fascinating!

Photo credit: @continentaltire







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