Epic Ireland EV Roadtrip

It seems the guys over at @pluginadventures may have started a trend.  Following their recent John O’Groats to Lands End (and back) EV adventure, others seem to have been inspired to do the same elsewhere.

This time two chaps in Ireland are performing the equivalent journey, travelling from Mizen Head to Malin Head, from the Southern tip of Ireland to most Northern point (and back again) in just 24 hours, again in a pure electric car using the public charge network as their fuel during the 1300km (807miles) trip.

This epic adventure will take place between 14-15th November. They say their motivation is “to promote Electric Vehicle (EV) driving/ownership in Ireland, and show that you can drive long distances in an EV”.

Team members Jan-Bart Spang and Guillaume Seguin have planned their journey with great precision, using planned charge stops to promote the use of EVs.

Read more about their plans and how to follow their progress here.

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