Recharging on the road

Ecotricity card, your key to the Electric HighwayResearch shows 90% of an EV charging is done at home.  This is the most convenient method and is usually done overnight so your car is ready for the next morning.  This brings peace of mind and gives you the benefit of rarely having to use one of the 8000 publicly available charge points sited in the UK.

What if you want to go further afield?

Chances are you will visit a charge point on a motorway, shopping centre, public car park or perhaps use one at your destination (a hotel maybe).

Charge points come with various outputs, taking a differing amounts of time to top you back up, simply put, the higher the output, the quicker the charge.

What most do have in common is the necessity to have a ‘membership’ card to use them.

I share the frustration of any new owner who’s rolled up to an available charge point to find they don’t have the right bit of plastic to use it.

Below is a list of the current UK charging networks, many of whom allow members of other schemes to use their charge points.  So, why not familiarise yourself with these, it might save you that sinking feeling I once had.

Chargeplace Scotland
Charge Your Car
Ecotricity – The Electric Highway
Greater Manchester EV Scheme
Milton Keynes Charging (Polar)
Northern Ireland E-Car
Plugged in Midlands (Polar)
PodPoint (RFID no longer required)
Source East
Source London
Source West

Check out Zap-Map to find the charge points in your area, reports faults and share locations of new publicly available charging.

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