Tesla goes mainstream with the Model 3

What we know about the Tesla Model 3…. so far

Tesla‘s entrepreneurial frontman Elon Musk went to Twitter to tease fans about his much anticipated ‘mainstream’ car, the Model 3.  The entry level model will be unveiled in March 2016 with production suggested to be in, “about 2 years” time.  Elon Musk states the completion of the so-called Gigafactory is neccesary for the production of the new car which is aimed at mass market levels.  Solid timescales are not Tesla’s forte, yet.

The new car is to be a BMW 3 series sized all-electric saloon, which has been described as 2/3rds the size of it’s big brother, the Model S.  The designation for the new baby Tesla is no coincidence, the BMW executive saloon will be its direct rival as the Californian firm aims to disrupt the car industry further more.

As with all electric vehicles, the first question on any prospective purchaser lips will be, what is the range?  How far can you go before you run out of energy and need a recharge.  Musk previously promised a minimum range of 250 miles, this would require a sizable battery pack, approximately 50kwh, for this Musk confirmed a price of $35,000.  To say this is ambitious is an understatement, especially if the premium quality of the Model S is to be maintained.

The question is, how many cars will be sold at this relatively low price.  The Model S can be highly specified taking the price well over $100,000.  Will the new car be built around the same concept, pricing low for the basics and allowing customisation of battery, performance and technology.

Whatever happens, Elon Musk has a hit on his hands, but only if Tesla can supply before the competition hit back with something cheaper and more recognisable.

Pre-orders for the Model 3 begin March 2016.

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