Supercar performance Vs Eco credentials

Tesla Motors hit the headlines almost daily with the publicity machine telling us about the performance of the business and the ‘ludicrous’ performance of their cars.

Question is, are they missing the point?

Tesla are certainly changing opinions about Electric Vehicles. Gone on the turned up noses at the thought of travelling around in a gloried milk float.  Instead grins appear at the thought of accelerating to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds.  They are keen to tell us about how premium and safe their cars are and how large their batteries.

My recent experience of the BMWi range was all-together different.  Yes their product is certainly premium and priced accordingly, lets remind ourselves it’s a BMW after all.  Yet, I wasn’t initially told about the great acceleration of the car, how exclusive their brand is and what options I could add to make mine more exclusive – I was told about sustainability.  This was music to my ears.

The representative reminded me about the BMW Vision project, where BMWi all began and then went on to tell me about the production process and how sustainability is built-in, from vehicle production to use.  Here are some facts from their 100% recycled brochure.

  • 100% of the power required for production is from renewable sources including hydropower in the USA and wind turbines at the factory in Germany.
  • 70% less water is used in production.
  • 100% recycled fibres are used in the textiles for the seats, headlining and flooring.

This is a course all part of a marketing process to draw us to their brand and it does seem to be translating into sales.  Tesla on the other hand want to tell us about acceleration and power!!  I think I prefer the gentler approach.

With thanks to Stratstone BMW of Doncaster.

The Founder of driveEV. A driving and new technology fan enjoying learning all about the future of motoring. I drive a BMW i3.